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How to use a variable/title in screens-> to template -> to master

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

How to use variable screen names.

I have lets say a master called "Title" with a label and a menu i put this master on a Template , and now i have multiple Screens references to this template.

How is it possible to use a different "Title" for all Screens so the Screen would pass it to the Template and the Template to the Master?

I tried it with 1 variable on pageload event but this doesnt work also i tried it with 2 variables -> screen sets variable "title" and template reads variable "title" and sets it to "_title" and in master "_title" is applied to the lable but this doesnt work too. Any help here?

I need to show a title for the Screen like "Projects" , "Users" i have multiple Templates using the same components for this so thats why i made a master for it to reuse it.

The best would be to read out the JIM Screen Title or Description and put it on a master but i guess thats not possible?

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