Exported HTML in PhoneGap

Steve Williamson shared this question 5 years ago

Hi. I am trying to get my exported HTML from my prototype to run as an Android app via PhoneGap Build. When I open the .apk file on my phone, I see a plain HTML screen with links. When I click any link, I get this error message:


There was a network error (file:///android_asset/www/screens/d12245cc-1680-458d-89dd-4f0d7fb22724)

Any suggestions?

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Hi Steve,

For Android devices you can use Firefox as your web browser for simulating a prototype. If you want to see your prototype in full screen, you need to install Full Screen Mobile add-on.

Android devices also let you simulate your prototype offline. Just use Justinmind Prototyper to export the prototype to HTML with the menu option 'File -> Export to HTML'. It is recommended to export the prototype without comments. Choose a location on your Android's SD card to which the prototype will be exported to. Then from your Android device, browse to that location and open the file 'index.html' with Firefox.

In case that Firefox doesn't show it, write in the address bar 'file:///storage/', browse to the folder where you exported the prototype as HTML file and tap on the 'index.html'.

Otherwise, contact with Phonegap. Here you have a link to its community: http://community.phonegap.com/nitobi

Best regards.