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Default value of date and time input not displaying on iPad and iPhone

Solved Pierre Jamet 7 years ago


In one of my screen, the user need to modify the date and time of an event.

So I created a date input and a time input with Justinmind Date input (for the first I choose date type and the second one the time type)

The user need to modify so I selected default value (09/17/2016 and 16:00)

When simulating on my desktop, it worked great : I see the default value and can select another one.

The app will be used on iPad and iPhone. So I test in on these devices (share + Justinmind app)

On iPad and iPhone date format is not the same (09/17/2016 become 17 Sept 2016). Ok, no problem, it's the way iOs display date so great

But the issue is that no default date value are displaying. The input is empty

Are you aware of this bug and do you know when it will be fixed?

PS : I didn't try it on android and windows phone

Justinmind is really a great tool apart of some displaying issues (font type, font size...) so thank a lot and keep going :D

Have a nice day,


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