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Creating a search function within a mobile app that redirects to search result page

Answered Kevin Bobrow 6 years ago


The question below was asked by another user a few years ago and I am having the same issue. I just started working with the software and I need help building this function from start to finish. The tutorial videos are helpful but I can't quite piece it together. A lot of the tutorial videos have the data master list visible on the screen while searching. I need the data list invisible while being searched and having the search result directly linked to its relative page.

Hi, I have a problem with the text input control (used to as a search field) and the search bar, both for a mobile proto (iphone 5) i'm working on.

What I'd like to achieve is that the user tap on the field (either text input or search bar), it opens the touch keyboard, he inserts a query and then when he tap return the app load a new page with the results of the search, is that possible?

I can't figure it out.

I started thinking about using the on keyup but it doesn't work with the mobile keyword, so do you have any suggestion?

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