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Convert JUST IN MIND to SKETCH file. Or a plugin that can export JUST IN MIND to ZEPLIN.

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Suggest the features you need as you work.

A plugin that converts SKETCH files to JUST IN MIND is convenient.

However, to convert JUST IN MIND to SKETCH you also need a plugin.

Or I also need a plugin that can export JUST IN MIND to ZEPLIN.

Situations where you need this feature.

I use JUST IN MIND for UI screen design (wireframe) purpose.

When a UI screen design (wire frame) is written in JUST IN MIND and then shared with GUI designers.

Because GUI designers mainly use SKETCH, there are cases where they want to use the UI screen design file created by JUST IN MIND as it is from SKECH.

If it is difficult to develop this function, a function that can extract JUST IN MIND with ZEPLIN can be an alternative. Since ZEPLIN is a tool that GUI designers and developers can check in common, I feel that it is more familiar and convenient than the method shared through JUST IN MIND.

Of course, JUST IN MIND is a great prototyping tool.

The reason I purchased this is because I decided it was ALL IN ONE software that can do both prototype motion, UI screen design and document extraction.

We request the development of a related plugin that can better cope with not only prototype simulation but also static UI screen design (wireframe).

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