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Conditional Logic Date and Time for Panel Display

Known Lukasz 3 years ago

Im running conditional logic to display PANEL 1 in a Dynamic Panel based on a Date and Time Field. PANEL 1 contains a confirmation message based on completion of the Date and Time Field

I can get PANEL 1 to display with a Button located in PANEL 2 within the Dynamic Panel and then Activating Panel 1, but its an unnecessary step.

If I set DATE = NOT BLANK and TIME = NOT BLANK, then set PANEL 1 Active I would want that to trigger the message (AFTER Adjusting the value of a variable and using the ON CHANGE VARIABLE as a trigger). Thus I bypass the button step.

I cant get the message to show up. Ive ungrouped all messages, made sure that nothing is hid from simulation or that the layers are not hid as well.

Are there special cases or issues of using DATES and TIMES that I should be aware of.

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