Change device off a prototype (no simulation)

Philipp Grewer shared this problem 2 years ago

Hey Justinmind Team,

i really would like to change the device that i am working in on my prototype. I dont want any fancy "auto-adapt" features or stuff like that.

I just build a prototype for iPhone6s but i needs to be switched to iPad. That doesnt not seem to be possible.

If i cant port it a have to completely rebuild the prototype.

I know that i have to resize everything when i port it but it really sucks that i dont have the choose.

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Hi Phillip,

Unfortunately there isn't any way to convert a prototype automatically. If you have built an iPhone prototype and wish to view it on an iPad , then you may either import the screens into a new prototype (iPad device) to adjust the components to the bigger area or create events to check the resolution, so when the window size is bigger, link to the ipad-sized screens and when it is smaller, link to the iphone-sized screens.

Also, you can create an adaptative or liquid layout. You may find the responsive/adaptive design section of our advanced tutorials useful in implementing this:


Sonia Durán