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Call/Address from brwoser component or html widgets

Answered Mo Mahdi Maddah 7 years ago


I have HTML widgets on my screen (with buttons etc.) and I'm trying to go to another screen with the click on one of these buttons.

After exporting the project:

1) first I tried to make a link to another page (not successful): screens/c10def2f-3262-4f5e-8f55-a3ea4a65b429

2) I put a label on the screen outside of the HTML component and set the event to move to another screen, after that I tried to call the click event of this Label in my HTML button (not successful)

  1. var callClick = $(window.self).find('s-Label_15');
  2. callClick.trigger('click');
  3. or
  4. callClick.click();

I appreciate any suggestion or help.



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