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Best method to convert existing desktop site to responsive?

Answered David H 6 years ago

I've read the tutorials on responsive design (from scratch), but I have a question on what is the best method to create a responsive (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) site from one which already exists in Desktop mode only.

1. There are 5 pages. I believe someone already asked if you need to make 2 additional pages for each page, for a total of 15 pages. That is an option, but a link which recommended Dynamic Panels was suggested. However, if I try to copy and paste or move all the screen's data/objects into the Dynamic Panel layer (so I can create different panels by adjusting existing elements), it doesn't paste/move properly at all. Everything gets shifted to the top I believe.

2. If I have to create 3 different sized nav bars, how do I manage links? Desktop links only to other desktop links, etc?

I feel confused even after reading the tutorials, so if someone can provide assistance that would be great (all the examples are just for 1 page in 3 states, etc).

Thank you

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