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Autocomplete functionality with two data lists

Solved Heiko Tietze 7 years ago

I'm trying to simulate a table with inline editing capabilities meaning a data list that responds on user input. But I face two issues that might be a bug - or a mistake on my side.

The example has a radio button to allow direct editing of the second column, which works like a charm (click > type > enter to execute, escape to cancel).

When the alternative option 'select from list' is checked, a second data list opens with another master behind and is filtered according the text in the input. I connected the double click event with the execution since arrow up/down is not possible and I like to have a selection. On double-click the values of the current row should go into the currently selected row of the parent but it always find its way into the predefined row of the selection. For instance, "Lorem dolor" is number 12 in master of the dropdown and is inserted to row 12 of the view, although something else has been selected. So I suspect there is a mix-up with selections. Or am I wrong and there is a better way to achieve what I want?

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