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Action editor ui issues, extra clicks

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

The new action editor adds extra clicks. If I create an action, why do I have to click "Choose trigger"? This could already be opened to save 1 click. Once the trigger is chosen I have to click "choose action". That is also nonsense as it's the only option anyway. So it should be pre-opened. That's 2 clikcs per action, which is hundreds of clicks per prototype.

If this action already has a trigger then there's still 1 extra click to open the second dropdown.

The value adding area (fixed, calculated) is in the bottom of the screen. That is the least accessible and least ergonomic place for that, since my mouse was just a moment ago in the upper left corner.

Why is the default zoom not 100%? For a big prototype it gets something like 30% so it's impossible to select target objects.

If I once change the zoom manually, next time the editor opens its 30% again, so i have to change that manually again. It could be remembered.

This whole dialogue was perfectly fine as it was before. The expression editor though opens very slowly, which is by far the main issue with making actions.

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