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Access Pagination Page from Data Grid

Known Andreas Olijnyk 6 years ago

Hello guys! :)

I'm stuck with my prototype. Let me first explain, what I want to do:

I'm creating a prototype for a burger ordering app. In one screen I want to be able to customize the burger. My idea is to have different layers (bun, topping, patty, etc.). Clicking on a layer shoud "activate" it and swiping from left to right (or right to left) would change the specific ingredient (sesame bun, pretzel bun, etc.).

Now I'm having trouble to "bring all these layers together".

My approach so far:

I've created data masters for each layer. They contain name, description, price and picture of a single ingredient. For each data master I have created a data grid and wrapped it in a dynamic panel. With paginating the data grids, I can swipe to change the data.

The problem is: I want to display the description below all layers. That's why I had to make the cells/panels quite big (and therefore they are overlapping each other). And to be able to select a new layer, I've created placeholder images in each layer. When I click on them, the next panel is set active (e.g.: bun panel active -> click on placeholder patty image -> patty panel active. But this patty panel also contains placeholder images. If I change a page in the bun layer, it won't be displayed in all other layers.

Plus, I don't know how to access a single page of the pagination.

I don' really know how to solve it. I'm quite new to Justinmind, so any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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