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A gift to my fellow Justinminders: A userscript to view/edit Justinmind variables during simulation

Completed Dave 9 years ago

While testing a feature of my simulation, I frequently had to change screens to an admin screen to toggle a setting, then back to another screen to see if the setting behaved as expected. With page changes averaging 10-15 seconds, my productivity was taking a dive.

So I coded a userscript that runs in the browser during simulation that lets you pop up a modal dialog showing all of the "jimData.variables" (a JavaScript object that contains all of the variables in your simulation) and allows you to change them.

The script shows "true" and "false" values as checkboxes, and others as plain text inputs. (1)

While your simulation is running with the userscript installed, click the green checkmark button in the top-left corner of the screen to open the panel and change variables:


Click to embiggen in a new window.

(The simulation in the background is intentionally blurred and manipulated to protect confidential information)

The userscript is here: Justinmind Variables Control.

If you're not sure how to install a userscript on your browser, This page has detailed instructions to install user scripts in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

(1) Unfortunately, it doesn't recognize (capitalized) "True" or "False" ... sorry about that.

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