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Supercharge your software product manager career with these 10 free & paid product management courses

Supercharge your software product manager career with these 10 free & paid product management courses

Successful software product management requires constant learning. Product managers have to stay on top of the competition and break-out technology while applying management methodologies, not to mention knowing their own digital product and development team inside out! The great product managers are those that recognize they’re always learning and embrace it.

That said, it can be tough to identify which product management course meets your personal needs. Choose a course based on the following factors:

  • Experience: are you fresh off the boat or an experienced product manager looking for a refresher?
  • Delivery method: do you want to study from your mobile device during your commute, or do you need an in-person bootcamp?
  • Price-point: a deciding factor for many product managers
  • Intensity: are you looking for something soup-to-nuts, or just some video tidbits?

That’s where Justinmind‘s round-up of 10 free and paid product management courses comes in handy. We’ve tried to include something for every product manager out there, from those who are just starting out to experienced software PMs looking for a bootcamp refresher.

UC Berkeley’s Product Management Training Program

UC Berkeley’s 5 day Product Management Training Program promises to help you in “translating market opportunities into profitability.” It’s a rich mix of Design Thinking and Business; in fact, elements of the intensive course come from Berkeley’s highly-rated MBA program. From competitive strategy and business model generation to customer-focused design, the Training Program aims to give you a applicable product management knowledge in the shortest time possible. Peer coaches guide you through hands-on exercises and you leave with a personalized action plan for you and your product.

Price-point: $7,245 USD

Location: California, USA

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General Assembly’s Product Management

General Assembly has only been around since 2011, but its practical tech courses have gained traction among entrepreneurs. The Product Management program can be done over 10 weeks part-time or 1 week intensive in London, UK. The course focus is on shipping products and solving problems – pretty much the end-goals of any software product manager. With course sections covering the entire process of product management, from product development through wireframing/prototyping and pricing, the course provides a 360 degree perspective suitable for new product managers who want to get started right away.

Price-point: £2,800 GBP

Location: London, UK

Highbrow’s Intro to Product Management

A free beginners course for those who want to learn what product management is and, more importantly, what it isn’t. The course is entirely online and consists of one lesson sent to your inbox daily for 10 days. It’s bite-size, basic and a good fit for busy people who are curious about product management. Those already working in software or UX might find this option too basic, but for others it’s a good way to get your feet wet.

Price-point: Free

Location: Online

Product Institute’s Core PM Curriculum

Product Institute’s online course teaches you how to “think like a product manager” in just 10 weeks. The course is packaged as a series of engaging and effective videos, blogs and exercises that are doable from anywhere, whether on your morning commute or your sofa.  The course also offers live video sessions led by PM coaches, where students and alumni can ask questions and discuss the intricacies of the role in real time. Best of all, it was founded by Melissa Perri, who sought to teach this area of expertise in a more holistic, direct way after years of training Product Managers all over the world. The course is designed to serve PMs with a wide range of previous experience.

Price-point: $1,299

Location: Online

Product School’s Product Management

Product School’s part-time courses are avowedly hands-on, equiping inexperienced product managers with everything they need to land that crucial first position. The courses are a great option for those looking to change career who need a flexible course option – choose from weeknights or weekends depending on your existing schedule. Plus Product School works with PMs from some impressive enterprises – think Google and PayPal, for example – to deliver courses focused on employability and future career development.

Price-point: $3,995

Location: San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York and Los Angeles, USA

Pragmatic Marketing’s Product Courses

Pragmatic Marketing is a great general resource for software product managers and designers, and their courses keep up the standard. They offer a pick n mix option of short courses designing to help you build a flexible, personalized curriculum. You can choose to start from scratch with the Foundations course, or hone your analysis skills with the Focus option, or ensure your release skills are on point with Launch.

Price-point: $1,195 including certification exam

Location: Across the US and UK, see web for more details

Udemy’s Become a Product Manager

As the name suggests, Udemy’s become a Product Manager course is designed for those looking to make the move to product design and management. As such, the online course provides 13+ hours of videos, activities and professional insights on getting into product management, and what to do when you land your first job. Obviously, this is an overview course and not suitable for established PMs looking to make contacts and hone their skills; however, for those looking for an overview of what they can expect from software product management, it’s a great (and affordable!) option.

Price-point: $225 USD

Location: Online

Looking for online courses for UXers?

Coursera’s Create Better Software using Agile Practices

Encompassing 6 Coursera courses, the Software Product Management Specialization teaches Agile approaches to typical product management conundrums. You can follow the curriculum to the letter or mix and match courses to suit your needs; whichever option you choose, you’ll have access to high quality video tutorials and take part in hands-on projects that go deep into the realities and complexities of successful product management.

Price-point: Free or paid options

Location: Online

Read Justinmind’s interview with Coursera’s Senior UX Designer

280 Group: Product Management Courses

The 280 Group offers a wide range of online and in-person courses covering Product Management and Product Marketing fundamentals, Agile, certification, people skills, leadership and more. Whether you are new to Product Management or have been doing it for years, they have a course that will increase your skill set and help you become more successful in the Product Management role.

Price-point: $695-1995 USD

Location: Online, Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, UK and more.


Mind the Product’s Product Management Training

We’re big fans of Mind the Product at Justinmind (our very own Product Owner even wrote an article for them…), and this course looks like a doozy. It’s actionable, based on real-world experience and taught by “battle-hardened product managers”, apparently. You can either request in-company training and workshops for your whole team, or attend some of their public workshops held worldwide.

Price-point: On request

Location: Various

University of Washington’s Certificate in Software Product Management

The 3 course cycle offered by the University of Washington deep-dives into the full lifecycle of various kinds of digital product. It’s aimed at those already working in the tech industry, and offers participants the chance to develop product roadmaps, MVPs, working prototypes and workable financial models. You’ll work in groups to design a product for a real company, present the idea and product strategy to industry insiders and hear their unvarnished feedback. All that in only 6 months.

Price-point: $3,990 USD

Location: Seattle, USA

PMLoop’s Product Management Course Bundle

PMLoop’s bundle encompasses 4 specialized product manager training courses: Fundamentals, Ace the Interview, Inspiring Teams, and Product Strategy. Obviously, it’s aimed at newcomers to the field, but course tutor Keela Robinson brings heavyweight experience to the table, having worked with both Amazon and the University of California, Berkeley. The course covers methodologies such as aqgile, prototyping and wireframing, common product interview questions and great resources for getting that PM job.

Price-point: $396

Location: Online

Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind


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    • Hi Erin, the Coursera courses have a free option. You could also try Highbrow’s Intro to Product Management, which is free

    • Hi Jason, the Coursera courses have a free option. Also, there’s a Brand and Product Management Coursera option (free version) as well

  • Thanks .. The summary is very helpful .. But for below option , you mentioned Price-point: Free or paid options right ? so the trial period is what mentioned as free ? Just want to make sure . Thanks again for your post ..

    Create Better Software using Agile Practices

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