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Download our free eBook for expert insights on user experience in organizations, from building in-house UX teams to creating intuitive enterprise applications.

Drumroll please… Justinmind’s first eBook Making an Enterprise UX-Friendly: A Quick Guide is now free to download. Combining expert advice from enterprise heavyweights, useful templates and easy-to-follow summaries into less than 50 pages, the eBook is vital reading for anyone involved in enterprise application development and management.

UX-proofing an enterprise means building a user experience perspective into the heart of an organization so that people, profits and productivity benefit in the long- and short-term.

Improve your enterprise’s UX with our free eBook

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If you’re responsible for the consumerization of enterprise software or for design decisions with an organization, enterprise UX plays a vital role in your day to day success. Here’s why:

  • 15% of IT projects are abandoned before completion; 3 out of 12 of those abandonments are directly attributable to UX problems
  • Programmers spend 50% of their time on avoidable rework
  • ROI on UX runs at between $2 – $100 for every $1 invested
  • Focusing on customer experience increases willingness to pay by 14.4 % boosts product recommendations by 16.6 %’

Making an Enterprise UX-Friendly looks at the challenges and opportunities facing the development of usable enterprise software today. Bouncing off real examples, the eBook contains handy templates, step-by-step guidance and practical formulae.

What you’ll discover in the eBook

  • Why all enterprises need to be UX friendly
  • Building a UX team in an enterprise
  • Writing an enterprise UX strategy
  • Creating UX-friendly enterprise software

Download Justinmind’s eBook free now and design software thats good for people and good for profits.


Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind

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