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Build mobile UI mockups that follow Google’s material design principles with Justinmind’s Android Lollipop and Nougat UI libraries

Many UI design trends come and go pretty quickly, but some stick around and become part of the fabric of mobile user experience. Material design is one such trend with staying power. For the last three years Google’s material design principles have dominated mobile user interfaces, and app users expect consistency and familiarity in their interfaces. Designers have to create interfaces that provide that consistency.

Prototyping and designing apps with Android components is the best way to get that consistency. Let’s take a look at the Android Lollipop and Nougat UI widget libraries that you’ll find in Justinmind, and how they can help you build great material design UI mockups for any device.

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What is material design?

When Google’s design guys launched their Material Design principles back in 2014, they were harking back to a simpler time – to the days of pen and paper, “seams and edges”. The material design language foregrounds padding and depth within both web UIs and mobile app design; it also exploits tools more commonly used in print design, such as baseline and structural grids. A great example is of material design Google’s now iconic floating action button, which uses shadow and shade to add a sense of depth to flat interfaces.

Material design scales easily across different screens sizes and promotes consistency across both mobile apps and devices through its structural grids, consistent visual elements and generalized spacing rules. Mobile app design that follows material design principles helps designers create scalable apps and creates familiarity and comfort for users, which translates to winning user experiences.

Google UIs: Mobile prototyping with Justinmind’s Android Lollipop libraries

Material design UI mockups are quick to design and prototype in Justinmind prototyping tool thanks to our up-to-date Android Lollipop and Nougat UI libraries for all mobile devices. When designing mobile app prototypes with Justinmind, you have at your disposal user-friendly screens and pre-built information blocks that will help you speed up the process of making any Android app prototype.

And when we say any Android app, we mean it: there are over 300 Android icons and components in Justinmind’s Android lollipop UI libraries, all of which are customizable so you can adapt them to any project while still following material design principles. There are also pre-designed, fully-functional screens available to download, making the workflow as fast and effective as you need it to be.

Check out some examples of material design examples for inspiration how to make the most of our Android Lollipop widget UI libraries.



Android Nougat UI kit: customizable mobile app prototyping

Justinmind also recently introduced an Android Nougat widget UI kit; the components are made with SVG vector files so you can customize elements and icons to match your design vision. The UI kit is designed to facilitate easy working – the layout promotes the most commonly used elements, then provides you with pre-built screens, content blogs and cards. You can build up mobile UI mockups either from scratch using customized elements, or play around with pre-baked screens to get a material design effect quickly and efficiently.

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