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Material design widgets for Android Lollipop

Material design widgets for Android Lollipop

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Justinmind has redesigned and adapted its default widget libraries for Android mobile, web, and tablet, to Google’s material design guidelines and style. The new libraries include a collection of user-friendly screens and pre-built information blocks that will help you speed up the process of making any Android app.

More than 300 Android icons and components are available to help you create highly interactive android prototypes in the blink of an eye! The details are easily customizable so you can adapt them to your project following material design’s best practices. You can also use our Pre-design, fully functional screens to work faster and more efficiently.

They are ready to use but can be easily deconstructed and tailored to fit your project’s design and requirements. Don’t forget to check out our material design examples for a guide to make the most of our widget libraries.



Material design Principles

Material design uses fundamental tools that have come from the world of print design, like baseline grids and a common set of structural grids that work across various pages. The layout is designed to scale across different screen sizes and will help facilitate UI development and ultimately help you create scalable apps.

The layout guidelines also encourage apps to have a consistent look and feel by using the same visual elements, structural grids, and general spacing rules across platforms and screen sizes. Structural and visual consistency creates an environment for the user that is recognizable across products, which provides users with a high level of familiarity and comfort.




Material Design Mobile-Tablet Structure
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