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Find out the features that make Justinmind Enterprise the perfect prototyping tool for enterprise application definition, from diagramming and wireframing to requirements management.

Enterprise software design is changing. A few years ago, software used in global organizations, or rolled out for use in offices across the world, had a reputation for being unintuitive and hard to use. Oftentimes that reputation was well deserved, as developers tried and failed to reconcile the stringent demands of enterprise software definition with users’ needs.

Nowadays, there’s a new generation of enterprise app designers and developers in town. As software organizational silo-ing decreases and employees start to expect a great user experience both in and out of the office, software designers are under pressure to wireframe, prototype and design software that’s user-centric, usable and enterprise-ready.

This inspired the team here at Justinmind to come up with an Enterprise version of our prototyping tool, a version that’s set-up exclusively for teams in large organizations where security, requirements management, enterprise tool integration and user management are primary.

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Prototyping software with Justinmind Enterprise: the features

Justinmind Enterprise is an advanced version of our Pro prototyping tool, and provides organizations with a customizable, collaborative platform across UX, Business Analyst, Design, Product Management and Development teams. Signing up for the Enterprise version gets you the software on your own servers, requirements management, software development tool integration, priority support, advanced user management and synchronized assets.

Requirements Management integrated with prototypes

Accurate requirements definition and management is one of the toughest parts of developing an enterprise application. Conflicting stakeholder goals, impenetrable requirements documentation and shifting priorities make managing requirements a full-time job that no one has time to do.

Justinmind’s Enterprise Requirements Management features aim to reduce the risk of misunderstanding and failure. In our Requirements tab within the prototyping tool, we can define, update and manage all product requirements collaboratively.requirements-management-integrated

Requirements can be imported (and exported) from a .csv file, defined and customized within the tool. They can also be attached to individual or multiple UI components or interactions within the prototype’s user interface; you also have access to a version history of requirements for easy status tracking.

To help with quick requirements management, Justinmind Enterprise also allows you to organize requirements into customized categories with labels and colors.

Prototypes you build with Justinmind Enterprise can be easily integrated with other Requirements Management tools, and all documentation can be quickly exported along with visuals. Find out more about Justinmind’s requirements management potential here.

Prototyping software with streamlined third-party integration: TFS & JIRA

In addition to integration with Requirements Management tools, Justinmind Enterprise is also fully integrated with software development tool Atlassian JIRA, and Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server, a code management system.

Our JIRA integration means you can easily import-export tasks between Justinmind and JIRA, synchronizing changes simultaneously and even simulating and viewing product requirements between the two tools. This tutorial will tell you everything you need to know.


And thanks to our Microsoft TFS integration, you can access the tool straight from Justinmind and take advantage of TFS’s agile and waterfall requirements management, project management, testing and release management capabilities. We’ve got software configuration and scrum requirements management covered throughout the application life cycle.

Beyond JIRA and Microsoft TFS, our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows integration with all ALM tools: any plug-ins developed with the Justinmind SDK are fully owned by you, ensuring security in the enterprise app design process.

Control the app design process with advanced user management

Effective user management is a cornerstone of enterprise software development; after all, you need to know who has access to your prototypes and what they’re working on. As well as the standard Pro ability to manage who can access and review prototypes, Justinmind Enterprise goes further:

  • manage repositories, users, permissions, roles, and access levels across all of the teams
  • integrate the collaboration platform with your LDAP to streamline the user login process

We also recently updated Justinmind’s online account, making it easier to navigate through your account, and manage your users, subscriptions, licenses and billing info.

Secure collaboration on your own servers

We know that enterprise software definition often requires high levels of security. That’s why we stepped up the security between the Pro edition and Enterprise – with Enterprise you can drive prototypes on your own servers without uploading anything to the Cloud. Wireframes and prototypes remain behind the corporate firewall, while authorized team members have full access. On-premise storage and file sync and sharing will keep your web or mobile prototypes totally safe.

Justinmind’s platform can be configured to comply with your specific needs, integrating with your security policies. Just tell us what your organization needs.

Centralize and synchronize assets across your teams

Enhancing brand consistency across numerous prototypes is easy in Justinmind’s Enterprise version. Designers can standardize UI assets by creating customized UI components and libraries following the brand guidelines, and import them into Justinmind. With our Enterprise version you can share these UI elements with the team and manage them centrally, so that everyone is automatically synchronized to the latest version.

For more information, check out our tutorials on UI elements.

Expert prototyping tool support when you need it most

Justinmind Enterprise users have access to a wealth of software prototyping knowledge thanks to our Expert Partners, who provide training, mentoring and consulting services to help you help you kick-start your enterprise software prototyping.

You’ll also have access to our Justinmind Enterprise Support team and materials, for personalized and priority support.

Defining applications with Justinmind Enterprise – the takeaway

Below you’ll find a comparison table between Justinmind FREE, PRO and ENTERPRISE, and you can check out our case study section to learn more about how other Justiminders are using the prototyping tool in their organizations. And of course you can always get in touch if you want to learn more. We’d love to hear from you!

Finally, below you’ll find a complete comparison of our free, pro and Enterprise packages:





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