We want to help you define applications

Who we are

Justinmind works to deliver the best application prototyping platform to define web and mobile applications. Our solutions are designed to help teams create rich interactive wireframes and share them to get feedback.

We are a passionate team trying to:

  • Offer you the best prototyping experience.
  • Deliver you an awesome support service.
  • Make Justinmind an amazing place to work.

But for sure we can do it better, please help us by sending your thoughts.

What customers say

We have always thought our customers can explain far better our products than we can.

  • I have been amazed at how accurately I can produce website prototypes. Whether from my own designs or from a professional graphic artist I have been able to build pixel perfect, functioning prototypes that leave my audience believing that the application is already complete and ready for production. I’m sold! More importantly the VP of our Business Technology department is sold too.

    Tasc Nick Dongarra
    Project Manager/Business Analyst BTS, TASC
  • Our client had a very positive reaction when they saw they were able to participate in visually defining their applications.

    Audi Leander Härter
    Customer Relations Manager, Audi
  • We have been using Justinmind at Cvent to complement our requirements documentation. Being able to create quick dynamic prototypes to demonstrate our ideas across various departments has really streamlined our process. Our analysts are thrilled they have a new tool (toy) to use to help them design new interfaces for our products. Thanks Justinmind!

    Cvent Theresa Kraemer
    Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) Manager, User Experience, Cvent
  • Justinmind Prototyper allows us to add interactivity to our software development proposals. Our potential users get to see and interact with the ideas that they’ve conveyed to us and it helps us to communicate our vision for the software to an increasingly visually-oriented audience.

    IT Solutions Consulting Marc Adler
    Vice President of Application Development, IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.
  • Justinmind Prototyper has saved time, enhanced prospect involvement in design, eliminated unnecessary demo data propagation, and ultimately provided a mechanism to ensure buyer/seller accountability throughout the proof phase of the sales cycle.

    Aravo Solutions Jay Raulerson
    Business Solution Consultant, Aravo Solutions, Inc.

Our products are free to try, and one of them even completely free. So come on … now you can start defining web and mobile applications with an amazing interactive wireframe.