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Justinmind has released the version 2.5 of Justinmind Prototyper, our flagship product to design advanced wireframes and execute high-fidelity simulations of web, desktop and mobile applications. We have added some key features to the new version:

  • Enhanced capabilities to prototype and simulate database interactions behaviour.
  • Text requirements management: associate text requirements with wireframe elements, export/import requirements from/to .csv files …
  • Prototyping Rich Internet Applications through advanced events.
  • Dynamic navigation map.
  • Look and feel configuration improvements.
  • Advanced widgets: flash, HTML code, website embed …

Justinmind Prototyper 2.5.2 has been released for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS (Leopard)

¡¡ Enjoy defining applications with the new release of Justinmind Prototyper!!

Victor is the Product Manager at Justinmind. His specialties include business analysis, usability, requirements management and prototyping. When not busy doing that he is known to eat or sleep.