wireframing a mobile app

UI Wireframing tool for mobile apps

The ultimate tool for wireframing iOS and Android apps

Mobile gestures for app wireframing

You’ll have access to a wide range of mobile gestures. Rotate, swipe, pinch, scroll, tap – you name it. Design realistic mobile app wireframes that look, feel and respond exactly like the real app.

UI Kits for mobile apps

Finally, an app wireframing tool with the components you want. Enjoy complete UI kits that hold all the components you’ll ever need for your app wireframes – everything from date-pickers, navigation components and social media icons.

app wireframing tool with UI kits
app wireframing tool for ios and android
iOS and Android
Prototype mobile apps with all the right components no matter which operating system or device you design for.
app mobile wireframing tool
Mobile wireframing
Get designing fast with pre-built components that will answer all your app wireframing needs.

Simulate designing with device emulators

Experience your design early in the app wireframing process. With our mobile device emulators, real elements are taken straight from operating systems like iOS and Android such as the emerging keyboard or the standard iOS date-picker.

app wireframing tool for testing on real devices

Test hi-fi wireframes on real devices

Easily get your mobile app wireframe in a real device using the Justinmind app – it only takes a few seconds. Validate your design each step of the way, on many different devices.

Collaboration features

Make use of everything from getting your team members chatting inside the same wireframe, to providing a “developer mode” to your developers!

wireframing tool to share and get feedback
Share and get feedback
Get your peers chatting and editing the same wireframe in a second.
wireframing tool with jira and tfs integration
JIRA and TFS integration
Create tasks about specific areas of your app wireframe for the perfect workflow.
app wireframing tool for developer hand-off
Design hand-off for developers
Export the wireframe to HTML with all the documentation needed to bring it to life.