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Justinmind prototyping and wireframing tool for web and mobile apps
Justinmind wireframing tool for mobile and web apps
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Preview your ideas in a click

One prototyping tool
for all screens

Justinmind is the best solution to prototype any web or mobile app you can think of. You can define websites and apps for Web, iOS, and Android with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. No code involved.

Just start from the template of your choice and customize it. Add our pre-loaded UI kits and give life to your design with clickable regions and link interactions. Finally, test the final user experience in a click!

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Hello immediacy

1500+ Web, iOS and Android UI elements

Start wireframing right away with our pre-designed drag-and-drop UI kits for web and mobile devices. You can easily adjust them to correspond to your design guidelines.

Bring ideas to life

Web and mobile interactions

Build highly interactive wireframes for web applications. With our full range of user events you can trigger all sorts of actions. Define your mobile prototypes' interactions with the wide set of gestures and transitions available.

Clickable wireframes

Clickable design

Add assets and images from any design tool, your file system or directly from the web browser, and turn them into engaging interactive prototypes. It's quick and easy with the hotspot tool, clickable regions and rapid link interactions.


Design tools integration

Link images and SVG files from Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch. They will be automatically updated whenever image files are modified.

Your own UI elements

Custom UI libraries

You can create your own UI component libraries, and personalize them with your own style and interactions. Easily adapt your wireframes to your brand needs.

Reuse content & styles

Customizable templates

Save time by using our pre-loaded templates for web or mobile devices, or create your own, and reuse them in any wireframe screen. Templates will allow you to set default styles to all prototype components, and share content through screens.

Navigation diagrams

Diagramming flows

With our diagram tool, you can design and validate the navigation flows of your future app or website. Reproduce the business processes and conditions of your UIs jumping effortlessly between diagrams and prototypes, and validate the specific requirements of your project.

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From zero to hero

From clickable wireframes to fully functional UI prototypes

Define any solution you need without technical expertise. You can use advanced web and mobile interactions, gestures and transitions, animations and effects.

Reproduce the dynamic behavior of your future apps or websites with business logic and conditional navigation. Design smart forms and data tables. Get a realistic simulation of your web or mobile concepts!

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Swipe your way through

Mobile gestures and transitions

Define the interaction of mobile app prototypes by choosing from a full set of gestures and transitions that will allow you to rotate, tap, swipe, scroll and pinch your way through your design.

Interactive wireframes

Web interactions and effects

Choose from all sorts of user events to define rich web interactions. They can be combined with a vast range of effects to make your web prototypes feel as realistic as possible.

The real experience

Test on device

Experience your mobile prototype on a real device. Use our mobile app to test your prototypes live from any iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Changing content

Dynamic content

Use dynamic panels to show different content on the same region of your screen based on the user’s interaction. Prototyping dynamic content has never been easier.

User journeys

Conditional navigation

Apply conditional navigation to your prototypes with variables and conditions and the drag-and-drop expression builder.

Data-driven prototyping

Forms and Datalists

Design smart forms and datalists, reproduce live form-filling and error messages, and test them instantly. Define how to show a datalist without touching a line of code.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

Enjoy a great collaborative prototyping process

With Justinmind, you can publish your prototypes, and gather useful feedback from all project stakeholders from early on in the creative process. Bring Business Analysts, UXers, Developers and Product Managers on the same page right from the start.

Work on shared prototypes with your team at the same time. Share assets with your colleagues, enhancing brand consistency and reducing rework.

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Online sharing

Share your wireframes online

Make your mobile or web prototypes available to view and test in any web browser or device. Colleagues and clients will be able to see your live prototypes, and participate in the design process right from the start.

Early feedback

Gather comments

Build highly interactive wireframes for web and mobile. With our full range of user events you can trigger all sorts of actions. Define your mobile prototypes' interactions with the wide set of gestures and transitions available.

Work together

Team Prototyping

All members in your team can edit and make changes simultaneously to the same prototype at the same time. All project details and changes are registered for each version. You'll be able to see who did each modification or revision, create new web or mobile prototypes from them, and roll back to a previous version whenever you need to.

Agile prototyping

Requirements Management

Define, manage and update requirements with Justinmind.
Import and create requirements, and track their changes throughout the project. Associate them with specific UI elements in your prototype. You can also customize requirement fields as needed.

Requirements Integration

JIRA, TFS and Doors Integration

Easily import and export requirements between your requirements management tool and Justinmind, and have all requirements linked from your project management tool to the visual component in Justinmind.

Assets synchronization

UI libraries synchronization

Create your own UI libraries and manage them centrally. Synchronize them with all your teams so that everyone has access to the latest version, no matter where they are.

Usability tests

User testing

Run a user test with your prototype to evaluate its interactions and features. Choose from one of the many user testing tools Justinmind is integrated with, and let real world users validate your prototype.

Export your prototypes

Export & Documentation

Export your wireframes to fully functional and interactive HTML pages that can be seen on any browser. Export your project to MS Word or Open Office and get a clear specifications document along with the visuals needed for interpretation.

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"Efficiently showing our requirements has led to highly well-designed products that our clients love"
Kacie Conroy, Yahara Software
"With the ability to create prototypes across different screen sizes and devices, we are able to validate hypotheses prior to creative design and build"
Chris Murray, Digitas Health Lifebrands
"Our team uses Justinmind to share ideas, collaborate, test assumptions, and prototype multiple design concepts for our web and mobile applications"
Randi Boyd, Falcon Physician Mobile