15 website design templates for your next project

June 17, 2022
website templates by justinmind

From login screens, service listings to homepage designs - these website templates have it all. The only thing they need is your touch!

Looking to start a brand new website project? We have a few templates that will save both time and effort. Download these templates and adapt them to fit your design, using the Justinmind UI design tool to add both detail and interaction.

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Let’s check out 15 website templates that enjoy a sound structure and offer a great head start! Not really looking for website designs? There are plenty of apps, elements and charts in the Design Templates page.

15 website templates for your next project

1. Website login screen

This split-screen pattern is a jack-of-all-trades. This design template brings you a basic design that could be the perfect structure for a wide variety of screens. The template comes with a classic login form, with social icons and a forgotten password setup included. The form itself includes a checkbox and visibility icon for the password.

Download the template.

login page website template justinmind

2. Minimalist website login screen

A slightly different take on a login screen. This website template also features a split-screen layout, but with a more modern and cleaner feel. The social login icons are found below the form, with the action button being the star of the show. The form itself enjoys in-line labels that remain visible even when the user is typing.

Download the template.

minimalist website template for justinmind

3. Art agency homepage

This is a wonderful homepage design. With a featured image to the left and a pattern of text to the right, this layout is both classic and versatile. The navigation is found on the top, with both an icon and a call-to-action button. There is also a logo banner at the bottom, where brands can showcase their partners or clients. Perfect for any service or product website. 

Download the template.

art gallery website justinmind

4. Legal services homepage

This homepage design also features a slip-screen design but with a more dramatic twist. This design template brings you two focal points, each with its own call-to-action button. The colors make it bright and bold, while still delivering a classic homepage design for any website selling services or products.

Download the template.

servi es website template for ui design

5. Vet scheduling web app

This template is perfect for any scheduling design. Following the basic principles of calendar design, the template gives you both a monthly view and a more detailed view of the day. The design comes with all the details, such as a color-coding approach for different people on the team. Altogether, it makes for an easy experience both booking and managing appointments.

Download the template.

vet scheduling web app

6. Trip planning store

This template is the perfect homepage for any website selling products, services, or even written content. The navigation is kept simple with a navigation bar that features a logo and a CTA. The header part of the screen is split into an image and a small group of components with text and a button. Below is a card display that can be easily adapted to display anything! The website also brings a logo wall, perfect to display partners or clients. There is also a testimony space, which follows a carousel layout.

Download the template.

travel website template for ui design

7. Event planning homepage

This simple but wonderful website design brings you a homepage. With the split pattern, you’ll find that the left of the screen is dominated by geometrical artwork. The right side of the screen brings you some text with a call-to-action button. Navigation is done via a top-screen navigation bar. Overall, the feel of this design is modern but serious, making it perfect for any sort of agency or service.

Download the template.

website template by justinmind for events

8. Fitness center website

This website dedicates the top part of the homepage to a big featured image, delivering a big visual impact. You’ll also find a 3-card system where you can highlight the differences between 3 products, services, or subscriptions. The template also enjoys a testimonial space as well as a footer design.

Download the template.

website template by justinmind for fitness center

9. Travel accommodation website

This website brings you a graphical background that delivers a big visual impact. With both login and signup buttons to the top-right and a logo to the top-left, the navigation bar is subtle and elegant. With a footer, subscription banner, and even card layouts – this website has a bit of everything.

Download the template.

travel website by justinmind

10. Art Gallery website

The Art Gallery Website was made with an edgy and artsy feel to it. With a neutral and dark color palette and bursts of color, you can enjoy a navigation bar, a timeline, and a short footer. There’s also a subscription banner with social media icons.

Download the template.

art gallery website for ui by justinmind

11. Web design school website

This website template enjoys a beautiful visual hierarchy and exceptional layout design. With plenty of whitespace and soft edges, this website offers a minimal and clean interface that you can easily adapt to fit just about any purpose.

Download the template.

design school website template by justinmind

12. Car rental website

This car rental website has a young feel, offering plenty of card layouts that can display just about anything. Perfect for small websites, this template offers a homepage that gets to the point and creates an efficient user experience.

Download the template.

car rental website for ui design

13. Complete responsive web

One of the most complete website templates out there! This website comes with full interaction, visuals and navigation. Made for a furniture shop, this is a wonderful starting point for any online store. With cards to display the artisans, features images, and call-to-actions, this homepage has everything you need to create a modern and beautiful website.

Download the template.

website template for ui design by justinmind

14. Travel booking website

This website template brings bright colors and a young vibe. With featured images, the layout also brings you accordion menus which are perfect for holding details and sale pitches. There are also card banners, testimonials, and a logo wall.

Download the template.

travel booking website by justinmind for ui design

15. Website builder web app

A minimalist and casual design, for a web app that could do just about anything. With testimonial cards, featured images and a perfect vibe for unique illustrations. With a wonderful layout that leaves plenty of whitespace, you can take this template any way you want to go.

Download the template.

website builder template for justinmind

The wrap up

Creating a website from scratch can be tough and time-consuming. That’s why we created these website templates. To help you save on time and effort, giving you a head start. With the right template, you can take full advantage of the structure and simply fill in the details.

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