Working with the Accordion Nav

Doug Cuffman shared this question 7 years ago


I realize that the accordion nav was a contribution by a community member: However, as I'm having a significantly difficult time editing it, I was hoping someone might be able to offer an explanation...

For example:

1. I need the width to change to 720px but there doesn't seem to be an easy or fast way of making this change. I spent perhaps two hours last night trying to made this modification but it didn't go smoothly.

2. I need the contents of each panel to expand/contract dynamically, given the content, but can't figure this out.

3. Rather than using the bar(s) to navigate, I need to have a button trigger this interactivity. I can guess that I need to first take away some interactions then add an interaction (which would be the same interaction as one I'd be taking away from a bar.

Can you help?

Thanks very much,


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I think the best in your case is to make your own accordion. This tutorial can help you