Working at office, then taking work home

Bill Pliske shared this question 5 years ago

I convinced my employers today to sign two of us up and test out the software for a couple of months. The question is this: We each installed the software on our work Macs, where we'll mainly be using it. That said, I'm sure we'll occasionally need to finish a project at home, on our home computers. How will that work?

I'm hoping the process doesn't involve having uninstall at work before I leave for the day ... and then reinstall when I get home ... that would be a drag.

Any thoughts?



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Hi Bill,

you can do it by two ways.

The first way is to upload your project to Usernote before you close prototyper and leave the office or home. Then, when you open Prototyper, you will have to go to "publish--> manage published prototypes" and download the vp file from Usernote.

The second way is doing a shared project with yourself. This is quite risky if you don't proceed correctly.

1. Go to "share--> share prototype", write the name of your project and when Prototyper asks you to add other users, don't introduce anyone and just click ok.

2. You will have to commit the changes that you have done to your project everytime you close Prototyper. Also, you will have to unlock the screens if you want to modify them when you change your working place. This point is very important to do, because if you don't commit the changes and you don't unlock the screen, you won't be able to modify those screens and you won't have the last version of your project.

This option can cause some troubles if you don't do correctly or if it is a big project file.

Best regards.