Widget size too small to see

D C shared this question 6 years ago

The widgets tray is very small, especially on a Macbook Pro with retina display. How do I increase the size of the widgets in the tray that I can click and drag from?

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We found a way to fix it manually while we launch a version that has that fixed.

You might need to do a fresh install (sorry)

Please follow the next steps:

1.Close the application and remove “Prototyper Pro” from Applications.

2.Go to ‘your user’/Justinmind and rename that folder (just in case).

3.Install Prototyper Pro v5.1 again, but don’t open it yet.

4. The text size will be displayed correctly if you replace the ‘Info.plist’ file by this one http://d2ld3he4yll0xl.cloudfront.net/.... You can access to this file if you go to /Applications right-click on ‘Prototyper Pro’ application select the ‘Show package contents’ option and then open the contents folder.

5.Start the application


Thanks Victor! I tried this but the widgets are still really small. How do I increase the size of the widgets? It took me 30 minutes just to find the one I want! :) thank you


I think you need to restart your Mac.