While focus is on an input field, if user presses enter/return, commit the value entered and remove focus from the input field.

Kade Schemahorn shared this idea 4 years ago

This would allow the user to immediately begin doing other things to the selected item, such as nudge or copy. It is common workflow to edit the dimensions of an object and then immediately move it into place.

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Hello Kade,

I'm happy to inform you there is indeed a way to accomplish this. While selecting enter inside the event builder will cause the dialog to close in this instance, you may edit the trigger key after the fact. You may following these steps to accomplish your goal:

1. Select the input field and create an event of 'on key down' with the action 'set value' (in this instance I set the value of a variable, but there are many options)

2. In the event panel, navigate to the key down event interaction. Select the gear next to the where the key is specified ( for example -> [Key: BS ] )

3. Select the input box after selecting the gear and press the enter key to input the value 'CR'

Simply select the green check mark to confirm your selection and that should do the trick. For more clarification, see the attached images.





Thanks for the reply, but I was actually talking about an enhancement to the Justinmind interface. It would be good to remove focus from an input field, in the Properties panel for example, after hitting enter.