where's the virtual iPhone mockup when starting a new prototype??

Reagan Jones shared this question 4 years ago

so i'm not a sw engineer and this is my first wire framing exercise, so apologies if this is a stupid question. but when you start a new prototype and select for example, iPhone 5S, the screen it takes you to is a blank sketch screen but doesn't show the phone body. looking at a YouTube tutorial, it looks like an older version went straight to the iPhone body so you could work from that. is this newer version only putting your rendered design into an iPhone stylized backdrop, or does it require the Pro version perhaps?

look at this tutorial (not official) to see what i mean. when he launches a new prototype and selects "Next", it auto populates the iPhone image, so you know what you're working with. but i can also see it's an older version.


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Nowadays you don't have an iPhone frame in the canvas, but when you simulate, it will load one. If you llok the attached image, you will see a 320x568 pixels area, that it's the size of all iPhone 5s screen.


When you create a new project, you can start with an example prototype. Take a look to one of them and you will see how it has done. Maybe it can help you.

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