When prototype is added to the home screen of my IPhone 5S the prototype won't open correctly

Jimmy Persson shared this problem 5 years ago


When i try to open my prototype from the home screen, it opens up a html page with a list of the screens in the prototype but not the actual prototype. If i try clicking on one of the screens in the list it just opens up safari with an error message. I added the prototype to the home screen from the link i received from usernote. No problems when opening the link in safari other then the Safari navigation bars in the top and bottom.

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Hi Jimmy,

Would you mind sending us some screenshots to see what's happening?



Well, what I can see that you have a link which URL is something like this: https://justinmind.com/usernote/proto...

If you change it to public link, this screen order structure will disappear and you will only see the prototype.

Also, you need to know that with the iOS7, the save as app doesn't work propertly. As far as we know, Apple is working on fixing it for a future update, probably the version 7.1

You can try other options to see it offline in your iPhone. Here you can find more information: http://justinmind.com/prototyper/lear...