When copy-and-pasting a component that contains hidden items, preserve the state of the "eyeball" flags

Dave shared this idea 4 years ago

Sometimes, a component may contain layers or widgets that are marked "Hide component" and for which the "eyeball" flag in the outline is unchecked, so that the component is hidden in the canvas editor.

If that component is copied and pasted, everything in it is visible, which requires that the user find and re-hide all of them, a game of hide-and-seek that I would really rather not play.

I am aware of the global eyeball flag that hides components marked as hidden, but I recently reported a bug with that feature that makes it impossible to select or edit components hidden with it. I'm not using that feature 'til it's fixed, so I'm stuck with manually clicking eyeballs until the newly-pasted component is showing only components not marked as hidden.

In addition to fixing the global "hide components marked as hidden" feature, I'd appreciate it if the eyeball status of individual widgets and groups and so forth could be preserved when pasting.