When all but 1 elements of a group are deleted, the group is lost and the last element is moved to the top of the former group's parent

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago

That's a bit of a long title, but some images will help:


3 of the 4 elements in the group "Streams-Col_3-Sources-FB-Acct_3" have been selected.

The group is not the first child of the parent container, a layer named "Streams-Col_3-Sources-FB-Panel".



The group "Streams-Col_3-Sources-FB-Acct_3" no longer exists.

The last remaining element of the group, "Streams-Col_3-Sources-FB-Acct_3-Account," is now the first child of the layer "Streams-Col_3-Sources-FB-Panel". Too bad for me, if things in "Streams-Col_3-Sources-FB-New_Account" are supposed to be in front of "Streams-Col_3-Sources-FB-Acct_3-Account," I guess.

Good thing I named the last remaining element of the group carefully, or "Streams-Col_3-Sources-FB-Acct_3-Account" could be difficult to find again :-)

I have two suggestions:

Allow groups with only one child element — it may be a temporary state, while child elements are being moved around. Destroying the group is almost certainly not what the user intended.

If the group must be destroyed (which it definitely should not), the last remaining child of the group should end up where the group was in the outline hierarchy — the order of elements is significant, so randomly reordering them definitely is not what the user intended.

I love Justinmind. My constant bug reporting is just my way of showing it!

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Hi Dave,

I've forwarded this issue to the development team.

As usual we will let you know in which version it will be solved as soon as we know.




Thanks, man. I noted with some surprise that there are circumstances where an empty group survives having all its children removed. Given this issue, I was not expecting that.

Maybe it's a helpful detail, then again, maybe not.

Happy Thanksgiving, if you're located in the US. If not, then happy normal-week-in-November.