what is the best way to create a single page web application?

David Aiken shared this question 4 years ago


I would like to create a single page web site where the contents take up more than one browser screen (so there is a vertical scroll bar). Ideally it would be possible to make the first section persistent, so it always stays at the top of the page while the rest scrolls.

I see there are already a few questions about this topic, but these sites are becoming increasingly common as client devices become more powerful, i'm a new user, and i suspect the feature set has improved since the original questions were asked.


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Nevermind. Aldous has posted a method which works for me at http://www.justinmind.com/support/fix... :

The correct method to allow scrolling BETWEEN a placed header and footer is:

1) Place the objects/content you will want to scroll through on the screen (and as far down below the screen as you want to be able to scroll to).

2) Select them all (but NOT the header and footer) and right click to pull up the drop down menu.

3) Choose the “Group in Dynamic Panels” option. Now all selected items are surrounded by a “grouped” square dotted border to indicate their joined status.

4) In the properties panel make sure vertical scroll is set to “automatically”.

5) Now go down to the bottom of the grouped items, select the group, and drag the bottom handle up into the main phone screen to the point where you would like it to end.

6) The scrolling should now take place between the header and footer.