View on Device URL Unavailable.

Seth Blanchard shared this problem 4 years ago

When I try and "View on device", I am brought to a web page for Usernote that says the URL is unavailable. Any ideas why this wouldn't be generating correctly? I have the full version and I'm logged in to Usernote for publishing.

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Hi Seth,

Could you send an email to " [at] justinmind [dot] com" letting us know the acount that is giving you trouble and which prototype it is. Please paste the URL that is unavailable.




Support was able to help.

The issue was that I thought I only needed to have the prototype public in OneNote. But apparently you need to have the "Last Simulated Prototype" set to public as well. Once I did this, it worked fine. Thank you 3b167eb30be946c4e297f77024a75ec0