VERY beginner here; need help creating form for users to sign up using first and last name, email and password.

B shared this question 5 years ago

VERY beginner here...was wondering how to create/simulate form for users to sign up for service (newsletter, etc.) with first and last name, email and password.

Also, I have this on the main screen, where I also have a log in for those who have already signed up. How can I simulate both items? Will it simulate whichever table, etc. that is highlighted?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Thanks Victor. My issue is more with creating a form for people to use to register, not to sign in.

Here is a screen shot of the form that I created but I can't figure out how which interaction(s) to apply,or what to do past here. I know I'd have to create a data master of some sort, just not sure what type since it would be building the database, not verifying user names/passwords.



Check this tutorial to learn how to create forms that add records to data masters.