Validation of date but condition and date picker use different formats

Stacey Rogers shared this problem 4 years ago

Is it possible to validate a date in format DD/MM/YYYY ?

I am using a date input which uses UK format i.e. dd/mm/yyyy

I have two items set up - One a 'tick icon' and the other a message "Please enter valid date"

I have created the condition such that on Tab if input = date show 'tick' else show 'please enter valid date'

When I run this all I am able to get thrown back is the error message even if the date is correct - however the date picker uses dd/mm/yyyy rather than mm/dd/yyyy which the condition seems to be using ............. ?

Any clues? I would like my users to enter their dates in dd/mm/yyyy format and I would like to show success or fail criteria once the field has been passed

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Ive fixed this using a text condition instead - though sense this isn't how you should?