Validate a mandatory field during data entry into a form NOT at the end via a single action

Stacey Rogers shared this problem 4 years ago

I am trying to create a form with a number of fields of differing type: date, text, radio buttons, select list, multi-select.

A number of the fields are 'mandatory' therefore I am trying to set the form up such that as the user enters details and moves to the next question, each question is validated, (if it's been complete a tick appears, if its left blank and is mandatory a message 'required field' appears) I have done this successfully with the text entry fields and select but some others are proving to be tricky.

Radio buttons:

> I have three radio button options:

- Option 1

- Option 2

- Option 3

These have been set up as a group and I am able to chose between them exclusively successfully.

> I have a set of 3 active panels:

- Blank (default)

- done

- required

> I have set up an event such that on double-click a button is set to unselected

> I have set the 'On Change' event against each of the radio buttons such that:

When Option 1 is selected OR Option 2 is selected OR Option 3 is selected then set active panel to 'done', else set active panel to 'required'

When I run this, the first time a radio button is selected the 'done' panel appears as expected.

If I then deselect (via double-click) the selected button the 'done' message stays despite there now being nothing selected across the 3 options 'on change'

Clearly and alternative would be to validate all the fields at the end of the form when the user tries to save however I and trying to provide validation as they go.

Is this a bug?

Is this forum live?

I have posted a number of questions over the last few days and have not had a response to any