Using "on Page Load" > "Scroll to" in dynamic panel doesn't scroll within the panel, but scroll's the entire view.

Ricky Lyman shared this problem 4 years ago

I'm trying to get an effect where on page load, I'm trying to scroll to a dynamic panel to the horizontal "end". The unexpected result is the entire view scrolls.

I've applied the event to the view, the dynamic panel, the panel within, the first, and last objects within the panel, and I still get the same effect.

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UPDATE: I found that when I remove objects from off the workspace, that are outside of the view, the function works. However, this might be a corner-case you guys look at resolving.


Hello Ricky,

Not sure if I understand your scenario. Is it: when the page loads, you want to automatically scroll to the "end" which travels in the horizontal direction?



Hi Ricky,

I have done an example for you.

Screen 1: The dynamic panel is resized and has a scrollbar. All the content fits in all the screens and the scroll to action only move the dynamic panel.

Screen 2: It has a rectangle in an extreme coordinate, so the scroll to action effects to all the content.

I hope it helps.