Usernote showing incorrect version of a prototype?

Alex shared this problem 5 years ago


When I have been trying to replace a published prototype in Usernote and view it through UN, it is only displaying the very first version of that prototype ever uploaded to UN. I have tried republishing it several times, uploaded it as a different prototype in a new project, and cleared my history/cache/cookies, yet it is still wrong.

The prototype it is displaying was uploaded last thursday, and I made changes to it on Friday 11/15 and Saturday 11/16 (Honestly, I don't know if this problem was occurring then, I didn't view it.) . I only noticed it this morning (Mon. 11/18) when I was trying to show a co-worker the prototype, who was having this problem on his computer.

The kicker is, when we download the .vp file from Usernote, everything is updated and correct.

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