Usernote localization

Romain shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi JIM team!

It'd be great to localize usernote (in french for my case), have you planned it?

If you did, just send me the translation file and I'll send it back to you in french.

If you did not, do you have any plans to integrate it ?

The most annoying is the emails sent to reviewers because, unfortunately, not all of my clients are comfortable with english language...


A happy client!

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We don't plan to translate Usernote to french in the near future. The problem isn't to do the first translation but to maintain that translation in all the changes both in the product and in the documentation.


Ok, that's a shame, I'm sure you could earn more clients by going multilingual on usernote and even more on prototyper.

Maybe when JIM will go global ;)


Sure! It's just a matter of time.