user should be able to add content, save it and define order of those

Charlotte Nordnes-Jensen shared this question 5 years ago

This is actually a two in one question, but i figured it better to post it in one to be able to describe the complete functionality i am trying to achieve.

My application should allow users to collect information about alternative flights.

so, the user should be able to input information in the "add flight" part of the app, such as


-arrival time

-departure time

- destination

When clicking save, this should be displayed in a list.

The user should of course be able to add multiple flight in this list.

So first question, how do I make this list?

In the list of flights the information would be in a given order:

1. airline

2. arrival time

3. departure time

4. destination

In a setting menu the user should be able to change the order of the information by drag and drop (i see this is described in a tutorial, so wont ask about that now :-p)

When the user clicks save in the settings, the order of all the information in the list should change. Is it possible to simulate this?

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For the first question, take a look at this tutorial:

For the second one, you can create an attribute in the data master that holds the order of the elements and then use the 'sort' function to display the values ordered: