Use windows 7 virtual keyboard when clicking in text input fields

inte snäll shared this question 5 years ago

Hi i'm using an acer touch monitor and when clicking in diffrent browsers text input fields it recognizes it as a text field and shows the keyboard icon (see image). I would like to run my application in the simulation mode (because it looks ugly when exporting it to html and touch doesn't work either except for chrome and there the keyboard icon isn't shown). So to my question, is it possible to show the keyboard icon when pressing a textfield when in simulation mode? 63b759f591f7d5ea86cc1567e80ba674

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I'm afraid we have no idea how the acer touch monitor handles the virtual keyboard icon. Maybe the people at Acer could help you better. Just notice that the simulation is just a Chromium browser that shows generated HTML. So if there is any issue with the keyboard icon it must be related with the Acer monitor and how it handles HTML inputs.