Use selection component to "Set Active Panel". Is this possible?

Andre Oliveira shared this question 5 years ago

So... I am building a complex project with the following properties:

1. I have 6 DPs that have two panels each.

2. Under the DPs I have a Selection Component.

3. The values from the Selection Component are being used to filter a Data Grid.

It looks like this:


When I select one of the DPs, the SC is updated to show the checkbox right under it. This is easy ("on click", "select values"). What I wanted is to do the opposite. To use the SC to change set the active panel above each checkbox.

This would be easy if I was using individual checkboxes, but since I am using the selected values to filter the Data Grid I cannot use the checkboxes. I want the DG to contain all the selected values (using "AND" instead of "OR"), and as far as I know this is only possible if I use the SC (as I already asked in this thread: )

I also thought of using individual checkboxes that if they where checked they would change the value of a variable (I would have in this case 6 variables), and I would use this variables to filter my table, but I didn't manage to make it work either. I know that I can make one filter work on top of the other (as shown here: ). But instead of filtering it further I want to include two or more values in my filter (as in the thread above).

Is this possible at all?

I cannot send you the file, but I can try to explain further if this is not clear enough.

Thank you guys!


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There is no such thing as a 'active' state. But the prototype seem to work fine by me. You can do it, by making a id-boolean table where you should create a true/false for each component.


Also use a dynamic panel to hide/show the inactive-image on top. If the images are vertically stacked, and you'll set inactive to hidden, the active image is shown. It's that easy ;)

Tutorial can be found here video

Create one component that works, and copy that to a master or duplicate it multiple times. The only thing you have to do is to filter for each component with their own id.

A working prototype can be downloaded here

Hope this helps you out.


Hey Maikel,

thank you for your reply.

I'm going to try to get this to work and I'll get back here to share my findings.


P.S.: the link to the prototype is the same as the video.


i've updated the link, sorry about that.


Hey Maikel,

I took a look at what you sent me. Thank you again by the way.

It didn't do exactly what I wanted, but it gave me an idea of how I might be able to do it.

I wanted to be able to not only change the appearance of the images (by hiding them as you did, or by changing the Dynamic Panel, as I had done before), but also to filter a Data Grid.


I managed to do this using “Modify Data Grid”. It now works just like I wanted.

Thank you for your insights Maikel.