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We are working on a prototype and wish to test it with a targeted population, but we wish to have certain statistics like the time spend on each page, the clicks on each page, etc. We saw that the usability testing tool clicktale some of these statistic tools but we failed in tryng it. It seems like the usernote interface ask us to provide a "top part of the integration code provided by clicktale" and the "bottom part of the integration code provided by clicktale", but we find no code at all in clicktale and clicktale gives no possibility to upload our prototype (we tried to just analyze the prototype in clicktale with the link given by usernote, but clicktale say that this link is note valuable)...

Do you know some other tools like "loggin" which remind on which page the user of the prototype goes and which path he takes? Someone knows how to use clicktale with a justinmind prototype?

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Hi Nicolas,

1. Log with your account.

2. In project details, set as your URL site, and if it's the free account select the http:// option instead of https://

3. Check the option Dynamic elements/JavaScript and set JAVA as the architecture script.

4. The third step will give you the top part and the bottom part that you have to paste in usernote.

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Thank you for your very usefull answer, but I have a second problem. Is it normal that I have to upgrade my Clicktale account to a premium account to use it with a prototyper page?

When I try to start an "installation test", He ask me the page's URL, which is the public URL of my prototype. I enter it and click on "test installation". It analyze then my URL, and says me that :

- ClickTale script (version14.8) was found on

- ClickTale script matches project ID 34459.

- Your recording ratio is set to 100%.

- There are 170 of recordings left in your quota.

- ClickTale script does not permit recording of secured pages for FREE accounts.

Is it normal?

Thank you in advance!

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Just change the URL to http:// instead of https://

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Thank you for your really fast and usefull answer!

Have a nice week-end!