Urgent. Why my html widgets doesn't work when I export the full prototype in a html file ?

Sara Nuño Balmori shared this problem 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

I have a prototype with some HTML widgets inside some screens (just for music background) and when I run the prototype in Chrome or Firefox (without export) it works perfectly. However, when I export the full prototype in to a HTML file, the sound doesn't work :(. But doesn't appear any error message so I think the widget is OK but it doesn't find my audio files. Maybe I must to put my audio files in to a determinate folder before to export the prototype? (where?) I have a folder in my desktop with all the contents and the JIM file (the audios are there too).

PD: I reviewed the route for the audio files in my html widgets and they are OK (that's why it works OK on my simulation without exporting).

Thank you very much!



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Solved! I finally found the problem by myself :D. If you look at my screenshot, the name of my user computer has an space and a special character "ñ". When you run the prototype exported, the route of the file is changed by the browser, adding many symbols to replace the "space" and the "ñ". That's why the HTML can't find my audio files.. I solved the problem by moving these files into another user with the name just "sara".

By the other hand, if you send the web exported to someone, with another computer, it doesn't sound anything because is impossible to follow the route! (you are in another C:/.. etc.) So, I also solved that problem by the next steps:

1. When you exported the full prototype, a folder is created with the next subfolders: external, images, resources, review (and the index.html).

2. When you open external/documents, you will find your HTML widgets exported, but the mp3 files are not in there. (See screenshot A)


3. You have to copy and paste your mp3 files into the same folder and change the route inside each HTML widget exported by a relative route. (See screenshot B).