Updated prototype not replacing old version using iPhone app

Steve S. shared this problem 4 years ago

When I update a prototype in the desktop application and select View On Device, a new version appears to upload to your server -- I checked Projects in my account. However, i can't get it to replace the version displaying on my phone using your mobile app. It seems the mobile app is not checking for the latest prototype each time it's launched.

JIM v6 Mac, iPhone 5 (iOS 7.1.2).


1. Create an iOS prototype, save, and click View On Device.

2. Display the prototype on an iPhone using the mobile app. (It will not list it, but it's there if you click View.)

3. Update and save the prototype using the desktop application, then click View on Device, replacing the old version.

4. On the iPhone, you then can't get rid of the previous prototype, back to the list, or execute a server check for a newer version of the prototype.

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Hi Stephan,

When simulating the prototype on your iPhone if you tap with two fingers on the screen the controls will appear. These controls let you go back to the list and refresh the current prototype.

Does this solve your problem?