Update help to reflect new "Move" options in "Creating Prototypes" > Drag and Drop" simulation

Dave shared this idea 3 years ago

I tried to use the help information for drag and drop simulation, and discovered that it is out of date.

For instance, the image showing how to set the "Move" parameters looks like this:


Whereas the actual product looks like this:

In addition, the help text describes how to constrain dragging on the X or Y axis like this:

Movement restrictions

Move widgets only horizontally or vertically: When dragging a widget, you can also specify its movement direction and therefore, avoid the widget to end up on undesirable positions. In order to define the widgets movement direction when dragged, just select the option 'Move with cursor' - 'Axis X' or 'Axis Y' when defining the Move action in the interactions dialog.

Whereas, in fact, movement is restricted as shown in my screenshot above: by setting the fixed axis to a fixed pixel value.

These are just the deltas I happened to notice as I tried (and, ultimately, failed) to figure out how to simulate a drag-and-drop reorderable menu.

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Hello Dave,

Thank you for bringing this inconsistency to our attention. We are currently working on improving our help content, and look forward to providing a updated version soon.