Unhide a widget when a variable value is greater than 1?

RS shared this question 6 years ago

I'm using a series of check boxes and radio buttons (on seperate panels) to increment a variable value by +1 each time one is selected (I'm hoping it automatically decrements by -1 when unselected). In a seperate panel below I have an indicator widget I need to show when the value of the variable is greater than 1. a35eaa17544fd27a4e10cbffc395ecfd

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First of all I have to tell you that you'll need to decrement the variable when a checkbox is unselected, it isn't decrement automatically as you expected.

Concerning your question, you'll need to write a condition to evaluate if the variable value is greater than 1, then add a "Show" action to display the indicator widget if the condition succeeded. Here you have more information about conditions.