Unexpected problems JTM 4.6

Alexander Quiroz shared this problem 6 years ago

Hi Greetings I'm new to the purchase of this product is a current problem happens to me after buying the first version of JTM 4.5, we decided to upgrade to version 4.6 after I stopped automatically, as the download and this in turn installed smoothly, but after having a good time working with a file weight of about 17 mb this is me hanging, lasts a long time to switch screens, then close and open again when the same procedure as try the mac verison and is equal to not attributed this problem, the computer where I'm driving the program contains the following configuration:

Intel Core i3-2100 4 gb 3.10 tm and video memory of 1 GB

Alexander quiroz

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Hi Alexander,

We are quite concerned about this problems of performance. Could you send your prototype (via dropbox) to jim.support at justinmind.com so we can run some tests on it please?