Unable to Import or Load a 5.6 Prototype into 6.0

mister5280 shared this problem 4 years ago

I just installed 6.0 and tried to load a 5.6 prototype. When the file opens it only contains one screen (no data masters, screens, templates, etc). I tried to export it in 5.6 and then import into 6.0 with the same results.

Is anyone experiencing a similar issue?

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stil frustrated.

i have a pretty extensive prototype built out in 5.6.1 containing a dozen datamasters, several templates and 30 pages. i have both 5.6.1 and 6.0 running side by side (or rather i can open each independently). I have tried to export the prototype in 5.6.1 and/or just open the prototype in 6.0. No matter how I tried the prototype is missing all the screens (except for a single start page).

right now i can only use 6.0 when i start a new project from scratch but the lions share of the prototypes are in 5.6.1.

has anybody seen or experienced this when trying to open a prototype from a previous version in 6.0?




Can you send the .vp file to jim dot support at justinmind dot com so we can figure out what is happening and why prototyper isn't working propperly?