Trouble with Show/Hide with conditional drop-downs

David Lachowicz shared this question 4 years ago

I'm having trouble with show/hide. I want a drop down menu to be hidden by default (i'm assuming that means to set the trigger to "on page load"?), and shown when "No" is selected from the drop-down above it.

Also, for some reason "on change" isn't an option for me in the list of triggers. My only options are the mouse gestures, keyboard, on page load, on page unload, and On window resize.

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Hi David,

if you want to hide some object by default, just select it and go to the properties tab. There you will find a part called "General" and one of the options is to hide by default the selected object.

About how to show or hide when something is selected, take a look to this topic:

In your case, instead of "set value" action, you will do a show/hide.

"on change" event is only available with input widgets, not screen or statics objects.

Best regards.