trigger events on actions

regis.ramillien shared this idea 7 years ago

Hello again,

I have a Select list populated with some values. This list also have a onChange event.

When I use a "select" action to select an object from the list, the event is not triggered.

So, could you implement :

- The onChange event launch just after a "select" action


- An action which has the capability to trigger an event.

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We can't reproduce the error. Could you check this prototype and tell us if it works for you please ?



My request was not very clear. It's not a bug, it's an idea.

Imagine I have a button, a select list and a label.

On the onClick event of the button, I select a value in the list and on the onChange of the list, I set a value to a label.

So, when I change a value on the list, the onChange event is launch and my value is set to the label.

But when I click on the button, which itself launch a select on the list, the onChange of the list is not launch and the value of the value is not set.

Hope the explanation is better.


Now I got it.